Oh wait, Happy (Last Bachelor) birthday Saloni, as I have wished you for many years now and I believe you somehow ensure that I am stuck with this statement for the next year. Having said that, you know, when I think of what to write, it takes me back to where it all started, I believe, we were not that good friends until Kartik and Aman approached me to be one (I can never forget that, hahahaha!). PS: Ever since that time I have always entered your house in a fear! πŸ˜› You know, right from being a soul sister to many (I believe this is self explanatory) and a guiding friend in the absence of such soul sister you have always stood by me and I believe that is something that makes our bond even stronger and I would always want this to grow and become even stronger. Ofcourse I suck with making videos so you will have to manage with a picture and note from my end but wish you many many happy returns of the quarantined day, the treat is pending and being a sindhi I will not let you get away with it. PS: We need to click pictures so that I don’t have to ask you again before your birthday πŸ˜›