Well well well, where do I begin? Haha of course you already know… 6th Grade. Wow! 15 years since we became friends. We became friends in a very interesting way. You were the class leader and the class wanted to change the asst class leader. Not getting into the details of that because this is going public 😛 But you know the story and that’s what matters. It started with us sitting together for recess. One thing that I should’ve picked up from you were healthy eating habits. Right from 6th grade to the 10th, I don’t recall a single day where you didn’t get apples in your tiffin. As time passed by we started getting more involved in each other’s lives, celebrating birthdays together, hanging out a lot, bike rides and gossiping away to glory. After school even though we were in different colleges, Hitesh Sir’s classes kept us together. The fun we had there while studying will always be memorable. Sir’s parties and picnics were the best. After 12th when we chose different fields, it was our bond that kept us together. We made it a point to meet very often and stay in touch. Saloniiiiiiiiiii, you’re one of the nicest ones out there. The amount of things you do for your friends – it’s just heartwarming. All the effort you put in getting crazy things done for our birthdays is just beyond words. And you know what I’ve observed? For everyone’s birthday there is a new theme or surprise planned. Feel extremely lucky to have you. Putting down in words all our memories together would take me days haha, so just dropping a few words which will remind you of them – school, recess, Hitesh Sir’s Class, parties, birthday celebrations, Christmas parties, carter road, bike rides, CCD, Shivaji Park, trek together, 10k together and so much more/ Last but not the least – The inclusion of Pakya in our life has made it more fun and entertaining. I’m sure she’ll read this, so yes, Pakya you’re also an essential part of us now haha. Now coming to the point – HAPPY 26th BIRTHDAY SALONIIIII ❤ Have an amazing amazing day. Haha not doing more formalities. See you soon 💜