Hey Saloni, Here’s wishing u a very very happy 25th birthday!! Well to start with, whenever I think of you, I remember VII A.. 🤭 That was one hell of a year for me.. Made some enemies, fought a lot but moreover found an awesome friend for life❤! Lol I can vividly remember our recess time especially the ones when we were in 7th and 10th standards, all thanks to you.. No no.. All thanks to the apples and bread jam you used to bring in your tiffin everyday.. I’m so glad we have been in touch after school ended.. Coming to your house every year to wish you at midnight became a yearly ritual 😂.. But I always look forward to your birthday.. Coz it is mostly the only time we meet during the year.. All thanks to my busy schedule🙄.. Science student na (as you love to call me) 🤣.. I know we don’t even talk on a regular basis but I also know that I can call you anytime and just talk to you for hours altogether.. Hope you have an amazing birthday Saloni..🥳 I love you 😘❤!! From your Chi Chi😁!