Along life’s pathways there comes a friend, who gets to know you inside out until the very end. They continue liking you no matter where you are or what you do. I’m so grateful, that I have you. From 2010 until now, you’ve always been there, through happiness, sorrows and all those questionable why’s and how’s! You’ve listened with infinite patience to all my ranting, grumbling, aspirations and dreams, Never made me feel, stupid or silly, not once judged me when I would cry or scream. From preparing for exams in college, to attending job interviews, From being those crazy teenagers and breaking rules. The many surprises we planned, and the outings that never came through. We have to make that Pune trip come true, it’s long due. Those walks on marine drive, the bike rides, all the chatting, I miss all the trips to Crawford and the Vrindavan snacking. The memories we have together, I will always cherish, I miss you so much my little sister, it’s these small little things we’ve shared that I truly relish. Happy Birthday my Little Sister❤️ You were and will always be truly special to me. No amount of distance can ever do us apart. I’ll be there for you always and forever. May you be blessed abundantly. I love you loads!!! I miss you so much more!!! Hugs and kisses, Your chubby sister.