Dearest Slow Few years ago we became friends and ever since then you have supported me and been there for me. I dont think i can tell you how much you mean to me( have never said this enough). I love the way we go right back to how we are and no matter how long we have been apart but its always easy to feel and home and safe with you by my side. Though we dont be in touch on regular basis and not updated about each other that often but i know we will always have each others back…come what may. A lot of things have changed and will change soon as we grow…people will come and go but im glad that ill always have you by my side…..and today i wanna tell you that im always going to be there for you ( sorry its never been like this but i promise to make up for that). You are an amazing girl who never gave up on me…no matter what…inspite of my never ending drama and stories! *P.S. im sure you would have gotten bored without them.* Thank you for always listening(ALWAYS😛) and also for never judging me. Best friend for life…thats what you are! You always cheer me up and make my day and i love love love talking to you! Soo many jokes, laughter, tears, pointless stories, memories, no fights and lots of dreams…we’ve come a long way and have much farther to go im glad ill have you with me for the whole way. I need you to be a part of every sphere of my life. Love you immensely! Your Burger with too much spice!