As you celebrate this special birthday you were born. I wish you love , hope and happiness. Thank you so much for being real with me at all times. You ve stick with me during my worst moments. You ve always been of great help no matter what. Very much proud of you. Thank you for being the best friend and counselor ever. Its been 7 years we ve been best of friends, i guess m lucky :p . I HOPE YOU PASS *CFA* THIS YEAR ‘rotfl’ . Sorry for making you battle with my girls each and everytime 🤣 and then you advicing me to stay away from them everytime . This lockdown has made me miss our drives , desserts and JAIN food 😉 . Our friendship began with formality and here we are now abusing each other everytime :p *KAMINI*. We yet have our road trip pending i hope it gets done before your marriage hahaha . You ve been a beautiful friend and yes I HATE YOU ALOT :p :* . Happiest birthday kamini ❤😘 Have a wonderful day. ❤